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How Do Paid Interviews Work?

Updated June 16th, 2021

Click here to offer paid interviews on allows remote workers and freelancers offer to interview for a set dollar figure per hour or to offer a free consultation. For example, you can contact me for as low as $150/hour here

This isn't a new idea, its quite similar to's Clarity product. We all know that time is money, but this rings especially true for top talent. Forever gone are the times of offering to interview for free for a company that wont so much as share with you a salary range. (No, really as it was made illegal in many places globally and in some U.S. states.) It is a job seekers market for the first time in my adult lifetime and COVID-19 only accelerated this trend. 

There is an overall shortage of labor worldwide. However at the same time remote companies have access to a global pool of talent. 

Employers who are motivated to place top talent will be willing to pay to speak with those who are open to new opportunities. Additionally, since all of our users are able to create freelancer accounts by default to offer their services on's freelancer network.

We leave the decision to the remote worker to decide if they want to offer free consultations or get paid what their time is worth when seeking a new job by only accepting paid interviews.


 James Bellefeuille, 
CEO of RemoteWork, Inc.